Investigación de siniestros


Integrity, perseverance, reflection and rigour, together with professionalism, are essential values on which ABP INVESTIGACIÓN DE SINIESTROS is based in order to provide the best service to its clients.

ABP INVESTIGACIÓN DE SINIESTROS offers a personal treatment to its clients and a specific assessment which gives an added value to the investigation of the accident.

In this way, ABP INVESTIGACIÓN DE SINIESTROS adapts its work to the typology of the accident and its circumstances, being able to offer essays and analysis developed in qualified Official Approved Laboratories and also specific technical complementary studies developed by external collaborators specialized in specific areas.

The sum of the effort and knowledge of the technicians that make up the investigation team culminates with the result of the investigation of the incident and its conclusions, which are presented in a Technical opinion that can be incorporated, if the case requires, to the correspondent judiciary investigation process.

ABP INVESTIGACIÓN DE SINIESTROS participates actively in the appearance and defense of the Technical Opinion in the Judicial Organisms.

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    ABP INVESTIGACIÓN DE SINIESTROS is formed by a technical team with broad professional experience in the investigation of accidents, with training in industrial and criminal engineering that gives the team a multidisciplinary character.

    The technical team of ABP INVESTIGACIÓN DE SINIESTROS bases its continuous improvement in a formation process to update and improve their knowledge, thus, becoming part of the avant-grade in the specific methods and techniques to investigate fire, explosions, accidents at work and accidents of other sorts.